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Speech 2016 & my speech reflection

My speech reflection 
The topic of  my speech I was focusing on was technology ( why is technology so loud ) .
In all the literacy sessions I was in, I was learning to make a high standard speech, by using different language features like, onomatopoeia, vivid verbs and others 
I think that I used these language features okay, because I had a bit of help from my mum so I didn't go so well on my language features because I started piggybacking with people in my literacy group. For my 2016 speech I was trying to make my speech relational so that means I was trying to focus on connecting to the audience this is an example : “Now I have a question for you. Do you think the world is full of too many technology noises?” That was my start and I wanted to hook the audience in straight away.
I think my structure went quite well because I added in good examples in my hook and hooked the audience in by using historical questions ( questions that you don't answer). I connected to the audience by using eye contact to use eye contact I had to practice heaps and heaps at home and at school. I was persuading by asking people for help when I needed it and when I got stuck big time. 

When I was presenting my speech I felt a we bit nervous because I thought I would mess up. I thought to myself “No, I can do it. Don't think bad things, think good things,” and that worked ( but I accidentally skipped a paragraph ).
I think I went well and I tried my best to write a great speech.
Please click https://soundcloud.com/waimairisounds/why-is-technology-so-loud-by to listen to my speech enjoy! :

Speech 2016

Now I have a question for you. Do you think the world is full of too many technology noises? I believe it is. I'm here today to point out times where we just accept constant noise pollution from gadgets.

Take for example when you arrive home at 10 o'clock at night. After busting up your driveway in your noisy vehicle ( screech ),
your garage door is so loud , it disturbs your neighbors. Other evenings they will do the same to you. Not to mention those early morning starts.

Let's say you're test driving a new car. So dads driving, he starts to back the car - beep beep beep beep ! 
He finally gets to the open road speed limit yet more beeping telling him to 
Slow down !
Then you're little brother forgets to put his seatbelt on.
Yes you guessed it more beeping. Cars make so much noise and that's without the engine noise.

All this nonsense with gadgets and other mechanical noises in our lives is making me feel a bit stressed. We need to do something about it in order to relax.

Do you find it annoying when you're heating up your food and one minute later ,yes, one minute later you hear a beep, beep, beep !!
What's up with you microwave?
Then it makes a loud humming noise cooling down and if you don't collect your food fast enough- it screams at you to collect your food now!

Now for one more little appliance- the jug.
Ours is called “ the whisperer” huh I wish! Why are all jugs so loud? No conversation can be heard once they are on. Do you feel like you can't hear yourself think?

Mobile phones they are great but they can be noisy. Don't forget to turn them off in the movies, at church and during shows, assemblies and other special events. We don't need that noise!

I'm a sleep-in person. On a Saturday, when I have no sport, I will sleep in until 10 o'clock yes I know it sounds crazy but it's true. My world of sleep is first interrupted by the loud rumble of “ the whisperer”. Then the dishwasher door is slammed shut and it begins it 90 minute cycle. Moments later the washing machine begins the first of its washing loads. You should hear it ramp it up when it gets to its spin cycle, boy it's loud. If it's my lucky day the lawnmower may not start up until the afternoon. 
“ Whew”.

Other annoying noises which can cause me stress are radios blaring in the background and TVs constantly on - and nobody's watching them, because they're on devices.

I strongly believe we should find a solution to all this noise. One solution is to support inventors who develop quiet appliances. This is already happening. 
Vacuum cleaners are a lot quieter than what the used to be. 
But the real solution is really in each of us.
Slow down.
Have appliances going one at a time. Is it really necessary to have everything going all at once?
What about setting appliances going when you go out so you don't have to put up which the noise?

Most of all if you truly want to relax and destress, turn of the technology for a while- yes, totally unplug it even. Mum turned of the TV the other day and I immediately felt calm and I sat out in the sunshine enjoying the peace.

Technology does bring many advantages and this does bring with it some noise, but we do not have to put up with constant, irritating, repetitive noise, brought about by too much technology, all at once.

Picture a world where you wouldn't have to get “ totally utterly lost” just to have some peace and relaxation- wouldn’t that be great?

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