Thursday, 7 July 2016


Imagine it's lunch time. You're alone. Why are you alone? Because people have been teasing you and staring at you. Whispers all scatter around you. Why are these kids doing this to me?  It could be that they are prejudging you because of your nationality, skin colour or your size. This prejudging others needs to stop.

We've been learning about prejudice in our class this term. We have also been looking at how to greet and help immigrants out. Mrs.K came into our class to have a interview with us about how she welcome she felt in our country. Mrs.K started working at a restaurant. When she walked up to some customers one of the customers said to her “ where are you from?” She replied, Iran. All of a sudden they all looked down at the table. Those people should of started a conversation with her rather that just looking down at the table.

How you should you welcome people to your school city or country?
There are many ways to help migrants and immigrants to our country feel included. Just the simplest smile says hello. At first you could walk up and say hello. It's easy to do you'll make them feel welcome and included.Smile at them so they feel happy and welcome to your country, city or school.Take them on a tour of a school and welcome them. After, you could invite them to your house so you get to know them more and you know what their like and you could teach them your language so they don't get teased at school by any one. Have a welcome party with all your friends and the new person will feel included and welcomed to your country. Maybe while they're at your house you could welcome them to your neighbors or Welcome them to your friends that are out of your school or live in another city because they would get to know more people and make more connections with others.

There is lots of ways to make a immigrant feel isolated ( don't do this ):  frowning at them will make them feel unwelcome and unwanted to your country they will feel alienated.
Alienated is when they feel like they don't belong in your country, but they do. 

Here are some ideas we could use to make immigrants feel more welcome to our beautiful and welcoming country.  We could
Say “hi”
Help them out
Teach them your language 
Play with them

We need to do this because some of them may of had a hard time with their
Or their job

I think we could make a little flax flower like we do for the new people at our school.
by doing this it will make them feel more welcome to our country/city.

Just because you're from another country, it doesn't mean that people should tease you, because everyone is the same.  We are all humans and we can treat each other how we would like to be treated, stepping into other people's shoes, which means feeling how other people feel.

Some future tips we could use!
It is important that we change how we treat others because we need everyone to be included into our country, city or school, then we will all be happy.
Overall we now know how to treat immigrants nicely and our community will be a happier place to live in. We shouldn't treat others differently because if we do they will feel sad and we don’t want that, so treat them with happiness.


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