Friday, 10 June 2016

A day of orienteering

I trudge down, down an extremely long road. I'm tired, hot and I feel like I'm walking through the Wild West.
For me this takes nerves of braveness to walk to the orienteering course. I walk with Ruby - her feet are slowing down too. We think that everyone has sore feet. When are we there? How much longer?  Suddenly out of nowhere I see a magical place - the sun shines across the fresh grass. Out of the corner of my eye I see a picnic table.

“Hey Ruby,” I say. “Do you think that we are going to sit down at that picnic table over there?” 
“Ummmm probably,” she replies.
My brain starts to flip and do tricks on a trampoline when I see everyone head over to the picnic table.  I sit down next to Soraya and we start to talk. 
“Do you want to be partners?” Soraya asks.
“‘K,” I reply with delight.

Mrs. Pageot starts to talk to us about how year 6’s have to buddy up with a year five student. So I went up to Neve and asked if I could go with her. Together we walk up to one of our camp parents (Suzie) to ask if she can do the course with us (just in case we get lost) 

Once we had found our first number, a bee came over to us and guess what? I scream as loud as I could because I hate bees so much! The bee went over to Susie because she was going coo-coo. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”  she screams, the bee has stung on her neck. This was scary. Will the bee come over to me?  Because I'm going crazy to. 

Once she recovers, we hit the track again. It looked like Suzie had got a humongous itchy bite on her neck, blah yuck.

We have almost completed our challenge now. Neve and I are desperate to find number 4. Out of nowhere Mrs.Pageot bikes up and says “The whistle blew 5 or 10 minutes ago.”
Neve asks Mrs.Pageot if she knew where number four was. She said “Follow me girls.”  We arrived at number 4 and she asked “Can you see it?”
“Yes,” I say.
We have completed the challenge. YAY! Neve and I say. 
What a day of orienteering.


In my writing I was focused on punctuation since I never really  use it. I feel like I was stuck into punctuation because I wanted to make this writing really good so more people will start to read and comment on more of my blog posts. Most of the time I was swapping iPads with friends so we could give each other critique. Critique is when you give each other improvements on things.

I think that I went well because I changed simple sentences into complex sentences.. This is one of my complex sentences: Once we had found our first number, a bee came over to us and guess what? I screamed as loud as I could because I hate bees so much! I think this is the sentence that I had to improve on the most.

I think my next steps are,  giving people in my class that I don't really play with some critique so they have good writing and reacting on my teacher's comments. I think I did well on this piece of writing because I made critique on other people's writing I also helped people edit their punctuation and words. 

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