Thursday, 14 April 2016

The arts reflection

This term was the arts / music term so our class decided to make artworks and soundscapes using tone colour, rhythm and all the other musical elements.

Using these elements of music we made a soundscape by ourselves that connected to our poems. In my soundscape it was meant to be relaxing and happiness that brings back all your memories. In this soundscape I used many musical elements just like tone colour, beat and dynamics.

I think I did well on this because I took my time and asked for some critique from others so my artwork / soundscape will look and sound even better.  The first soundscape I did I think that I rushed it a lot because it didn't connect to my poem at all it just sounded like a whole lot of instruments that sounded like anyone's poem so I started a new soundscape.

My new soundscape really connected to my poem because I really thought about the sounds of a beach so I decided to do….. Maracas for the waves in the sea crashing together. And clapping & rubbing my hands meant kids patting on the castle bucket to make sand castles. I also used some of the instruments on garageband. 

This term I have learned a lot of stuff about music like if you're from a different country and you speak a different language you can still connect to each other through the music. 

I think that if I had to give myself a marking for this term I would be relational because when I shared my musical soundscape to Mrs.Bentall I told her what each instrument meant. Like when the clappers came on I said that , that meant me walking over all the shells.   Overall I think I improved and learnt heaps of things this term.

Here is my artwork I did for this term.

Here is the link to my soundscape.

This is my poem I was making a soundscape about.

Where does my heart lie?

Where the pohutukawa 
stands proud around the

Where the black-backed
seagulls casts shadows around
the ocean.

Where my feet sink
into the black velvet 
silky sand.

Where the waves scrum 
together, trying to eat 
the surfers.

Where my nana holds
my little light
soft hand.

Where does my heart
lie? Wherever my family is.

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