Sunday, 6 December 2015

Waterfall paradise

We think about what has happened to us today and we recap all of our daydreams. In no time we drift off to sleep and, our dreams begin.

Immediately the waterfall crumbles down like a rock slide. As a result, the fish jump out of the water and come cascading back down. Fish scatter away down the river and fly up in the air when they reach the waterfall. 

We decide to see what was behind the waterfall. We step in to find this old dunger of a place that looks like it had been a castle. 

Vines tangle and twist,  moss clings to the sides of the castle. We find a door but it's not any old door, it's a golden door. We open it to find a little cat train station with a hover kitty train. We enter the train. The train starts up with a big “MEOW!”

We're  going. We are heading off to a place, but what type of place? Soon we arrive. We hop out of the train to find ourselves standing in a castle, but this was not any type of castle. This was a cat castle with a polished pearl floor that you could see yourself in. 

We run all around the castle until we find the cat Queen. 
"HOW DARE YOU ENTER MY CASTLE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION," boomed the Queen, her eyes fired up with anger.
"Oh please, please we are only visitors," we whimper. "We just want to see this extraordinary place".
"Very well then, you can stay," she huffs." I will lead you to your bedroom," continues the cat queen. 

We arrive at the bedroom and "WOW that is an amazing bedroom," Madie says. 
"Hope you girls like it here."
"Oh we do," says Beth.
Suddenly a noise comes from the Queen. We look on the floor to see a Diamond ring. 
"Wait up -your ring it's on the floor." 
"Beth it's too late she's already gone," says Maddie.

"Madie Madie! 
Umm I think we have a HUGE problem look what the ring is doing. It's creating roses and vines that are taking over the bedroom! 
I'm guessing that the queen was evil and she did not like us.” 

Suddenly from nowhere two cats appear. 
"Hi I'm Tessa and I am hero one."  
"Hi I'm Jack and I'm hero 2." 
"Hi guys can you help us please?" said Maddie.  
"Sure  thing," said Jack. 
Tessa gave us a little button. “Press the button when you are standing together. This will lead you to the train station," said Tessa . "Well what are you waiting for? Press it!" 
"Ok but I am very nervous what if we don't make it to the train satiation?" 
"You will " said Jack. And in no time we were at the train station. We enter the train it took about one kitty second to get back to the waterfall. 

We arrived at the golden door and opened it. 
"What are we going to do now ?" said Maddie 
"I'm not sure " said Beth. 
"Maybe we could go back home to our mum and dad" said Beth 
"But we don't  know how we got here " said Maddie . 
"True we don't?" 
Beth , Beth wake up" 
"You fell asleep" 
"Oh, oops, but I had the craziest dream" 
"What was it about?" 
"Well it all started at a waterfall..."   

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