Monday, 12 October 2015

Lake Tekapo


I open the car door to a coldness that made my heart beat like a drum. I look around me. Doors open and close from the mini stores. The smell of fish ń chips flutters through the air like a ghost. 

I walk down to the lake and in the distance I can see swans flying down onto the lake like little fairies. The mountains are getting snowier and snowier. I wondered if anyone would be on those mountains but who would be because it was almost dark.

The grass makes me slip and turn. Birds fly around in the air, and what a beautiful picture they make. Memories suddenly flash into my head like a strike of lightning bolting down from the sky. 

The little baby waves greet each other in a horrible nasty way. The old church is in the distance it still stands tall in the darkness of the sky. Rocks start to gather around me to have a conversation of some sort. I then hear my dad say "Beth it's time to go" so I quickly run back through the water and hold my dad's hand. 

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