Sunday, 20 September 2015

The arts finale reflection

This term we have been learning about the arts. We went into town and performed our plays that we had been learning. I think I did a great job because I felt a bit nervous performing to the town. My highlight was how I had faced my fears because I usually get a bit nervous when I perform in big events. 

I connected to the community by getting my dad up to dance at the end of the plays. I connected during my play by using eye contact, speaking loudly, and body movement. 

I saw people showing whānaungatanga because families were coming to watch the performances. I think that the community connected to the performance that I did because that were focussed on the performance full time and they clapped at the end of the performance.

I can connect to my community through the arts in my own life by doing some more things after the term ends. For example dance , busking , drama , acting and music. 

This is the link for my dance :

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  1. I'm glad that that you enjoyed your day in town ,performing to the city. I have enjoyed looking over your photos of the day, particularly as I couldn't be there. By reading over your blog I can tell that you understand the importance of connecting your performance with the community. Love Mum.