Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Maori ritual reflection

This term in class we have been learning about Maori rituals and how they connect people to where they live and belong. At the start of the year I had just some simple ideas and knowledge what a Maori ritual was so my learning was unistructural.

Now my learning is multistructural because I can share a couple of my ideas about Maori rituals. I know the importance of the powhiri in connecting the people of the marae to their land. They have many rituals when welcoming the manuhiri (guests) to their marae. Other cultures in New Zealand also use different parts of a powhiri when they welcome people to their place of belonging. For example I have seen new teachers and students welcomed to schools, in this way, at the start of the new year.

When we were studying about a powhiri I think I did well, because I moved up to extended abstract so I could act as a role model and help others and give them plenty of ideas.

Here is our audio link to some of our performances and explanations.

The link


Mihi Whakatau

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