Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Trip to the Isaac theatre royal

On the 6th of August my class went to the Isaac theatre royal to see a show called “Stealing Games”. Before we went into the theatre we went on the dance-o-mat ! The whole class danced, it was great. Then it was time to go into the theatre.

The Isaac Theatre Royal was built in the year 1907. I believe an amazing renovation job has been done on every part on this theatre. The great thing about this renovation is that the old character of the building has been retained. We went in to where the actors where performing. There was another school there too. The actors were kicking a ball around and throwing it out to the audience. I think that the audience was enjoying them throwing the ball to them.

Then the show started. It was a really amazing show, I loved it so much! After the show we asked some questions. I didn't ask any because I was too shy but there was some funny questions. Then there was a quiz but I did not attend the quiz but I did help to cheer for the teams.

Then it was time to leave, but the fun wasn't over yet because we got to go back on the dance mat again.

I had a great time at the Isaac theatre royal, it was one of the best school trips I have ever been on. I would give the show a 9/10 so I recommend that others should see it.

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