Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The bleeding toe

It all started on an extremely hot day. My friend Amy and I were practicing our gymnastics at her house. I was cartwheeling, playing and having fun on her driveway. We got out some beach towels and started doing flips, cartwheels and handstands.

I got a bit bored after awhile. I was thinking of the trampoline so I asked Amy if she wanted to go on the trampoline. So I asked Amy if she wanted to come on the trampoline with me she said “sure thing!”. I then thought of having a race to the trampoline. So I asked Amy about having a race to the trampoline Amy said “ok”.

My mind was jumping up and down with excitement because I did want a little bit of a run around. I then said  

“3, 2, 1, GO!” I dashed to the trampoline with my bare feet. I suddenly felt my toe go down on the solid concrete, and then I felt myself slightly tipping over. Luckily I had stopped myself from tipping over. But I felt excruciating pain from my toe. I look down at my toe and I saw a tiny spec of blood. I think I had stubbed my toe.

Amy ran to a stop. She looked down at my scraped hands then she looked at me then she said

“Are you ok?”

I quietly said “yes”. She then took my hand and stood me up. We walked into the house. Amy told her mum what had happened to me. So Amy's mum got the plasters down from the cupboard. She grabbed one of the plasters out of the box and came over to me to put the plaster on.

So that's a lesson for me - never run too fast in barefeet.

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