Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Qualities of a scientist

This term we have been studying on the subject waterways.

When we first got this topic my learning was prestructural because I knew nothing about this topic and I wasn't that keen to know either!

As we started to learn different things about our waterways in Christchurch I became interested because the health of our waterways is important for the future of our city.

When we studied the Styx river at Willowbank, Dudley creek and the stormwater drain near school, we were acting like we were scientists. As a good scientist I could observe the waterways , I could measure and record temperatures and streamflows. I could test and retest pollution in and around the water. I could with the help of my partner report results and also make recommendations (what can be done) . I learnt that it was important to work with others to get a good study complete!

Insect art

My insect art was a detailed picture of a monarch butterfly.

I had to observe the many patterns on the wings and the different body parts, to be able to draw and colour it in a lifelike way.

Here is my finished project.

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