Saturday, 25 July 2015

The 2011 earthquake.

Bang boom shake Maddie and I dashed behind the shelf of toys. We hugged each other in nervousness what was going on? After the earthquake had stopped we lined up in a line and headed out to the field. When we got out to the field Mrs Hudson told us that there had been an earthquake. "So that's what that shaking was," I said to Maddie.

Mrs Templeton called out the roll to see if everyone was on the field. I then saw my mum coming over the bridge. I ran over to her and started crying. Mum went up to Mrs Templeton and said that she was taking me home. Mum and I walked to Te puna where my class was. I went to get my bag, I grabbed it with one tug and a pull and then dashed out of the class. We left the school in a hurry because we still had to pick up Campbell from kindergarten.

Mum and I leaped over liquefaction, straddled the liquefaction until we were home.I reminded mum that we still had to pick up Campbell ! Hop in the car mum said in a hurry.

Finally we got to Campbell's kindergarten safely and slowly. We pushed open the shattered door to find a big MESS! Campbell was hiding in the corner with his friend. They both looked like chickens that had just woken up. Mum grabbed Campbell's tiny little hand and walked up to the kindergarten teachers and told them that he was going home. So Campbell grabbed his bag and we walked out of the kindergarten.

We hopped into the car and drove home. When we arrived at home dad was sitting on the couch waiting for us. Suddenly there was a ring-a-ring - it was the phone. So mum picked it up. I was hugging dad and at the same time I was thinking about who was on the phone. As soon as mum had hung up she said we were going next door. We walked next door and opened their door. We saw them sitting on their couch watching what was happening in the city. Something caught my eye. It was a pool that was swilling around. I thought how cool that would be to see.

Seconds later wobble wobble shake shake another earthquake hits again and that's where my story ends.


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  1. Is this for real Beth again with the fantastic writing but this time it was even better it is my favourite piece of writing so far. I loved how you described the earthquake it made me feel very excited and shocked, I also loved how you described Campbell like a chicken. There were some great language I can imagine you and Maddie whispering as you went along, it is hard to believe that I was also there huddling along in the field not with you but with others, I can connect with you because I remember the I was swinging round on a pole when a loud noise and rumble shook me. I can also remember you and Maddie standing around. I thought it happened to whole world because I obviously heard about the one in Japan.