Sunday, 15 March 2015


Fan tails were singing, woodpeckers hammered above me. I walked up the stairs to archery. My heart turned with nervousness. I wanted to go back to the campsite and right now. I thought to myself, I will be ok. I can do this. I've done this before so how could I be nervous?

We arrived at the Archery range and I sat down next to Lily. We all listened to the instructions. Finally It was my turn. To me my blood felt like sugar but inside of me it was relaxing and flowing smoothly. I held the bow and arrow out in front of me. A strand of sunlight shone  on my silky face. I looked at the bow and arrow then at the fantail behind me. I suddenly and randomly shot my arrow. I had shot the arrows in the blue, then the hay, then the bridge. After I shot we went and collected the arrows. I dodged the bridge as I scooped them up. I then sat down it was the end of the session. As we walked  off  my shoe lace was tangling as I walked along the trail of leaves.

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  1. I like the end it doesn't go on and on,I think it's a nice way of finishing the story. It was a bite small for my eye's on the computer but I think it was a nice relaxing story. I really like the hole thing. it made me really happy to read it because it was a nice simple peace. I think you did really good on it. It was so fun to read. I got the same one's when I did it and I felt nervous too.